Pen to Print as a service

Pen to Print offers it’s unique handwriting recognition engine using a simple REST API service.


The API is a secured, private connection. Both the Information transmitted and the analyzed results are not stored on our servers. We are counting each access to the server strictly for billing purposes.


The service is offered through POST request with unique token in the header which act as the identifier.

The api root point is


The API key is added to the header with the key x-api-key


Input parameters

  • srcImg [Mandatory] - file object of the image (jpg or png format) to be scanned.

  • Session [Optional] - GUID string to represent the session. Will appear in billing for tracking purposes.

  • includeSubScan [Optional] - integer [0/1] indicate whether the return value should include images of the split lines.


Return value

The return value is a JSON format.

  • result [Mandatory] - indicates whether the execution completed successfully. (1 success)

  • Value [Mandatory] - the extracted text.

  • subScans [Optional] - an array of splitted lines, each line represent the a written line as extracted by the recognition engine. Will only appear when includeSubScan is set to 1.

       Each line object contain 2 parts:

  • generatedText [Mandatory] - the text extracted from the line.

  • Data [Mandatory] - an image of the line, as cropped by the recognition engine. The image is JPEG base64 encoded.


Usage example when using curl to access the api:

curl -F "srcImg=@/path/to/file" --header "X-Api-Key:<GIVEN API KEY>"